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– Mechanical: Yes
– Color: Black
– Positioning Plate: Brass
– Structure Style: Gasket Mount
– Lighting: South-facing and Underglow
– Selling Units: Single item
– Package Size: 32.7 x 14.5 x 1.8 cm, 2.000 kg


  1. Connor Jermont

    This is my second board I’ve made and all I did to mod it is but bandaids on the board where the stabilizers go and I lubed the stabilizers, one thing to know is make Shure you put the stabilizers back together correctly and be careful because you can brake them. Other than that perfect first keyboard.

  2. James Barger

    This was my very first time building my own keyboard and it was great. I got a pack of Cherry MX Blues from Micro Center and some white keycaps and it went great. The keyboard feels fantastic to type on and has nice dampening.

  3. Immfi

    This keyboard is quite good for budget, I replaced the stabs with DUROCK V2 screw in stabilizers, used Akko V3 Cream Yellow switches, and Akko Bred keycaps.Lubed it all with some Krytox and it turned out very nicely.

  4. Saliassar

    got someone who wants to make their own keyboard? this is a blank slate for a custom keyboard. they can pick and choose whatever keys they want, and do whatever they wish to make it completely theirs. my son is super stoked, because now he can build his own keyboard, in HIS style, and cant wait to get started.

  5. Christopher Shon

    Built my first custom keyboard with this. Had a great experience, but ended up buying a bunch of other mods to help the board. Price did go down since I purchased it and its under prime shipping. Worth it and great board. Volume knobs are a great and the arrow keys being aligned to the spacebar.

  6. JH

    Finally a gaming keyboard that is Mac friendly out of the box. Love the volume knob (immediately recognized by my MacBook). It was easy to set up, but truly diy, you need switches and key caps. Fun to customize and excellent quality. Really impressed with it.

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