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– Material: PBT
– Keycap Surface: Delicated Rough Surface
– LED Light Through: No Light Through
– OEM: Support
– Selling Units: Single item
– Package Size: 40 x 22 x 4 cm, 0.800 kg


  1. Samuel P. Dechario

    Perfect size, perfect key feel when typing. If you spend all day at a keyboard like many people, I feel like you’ll not regret this even though it is fairly expensive for a keyboard. Your fingers will thank you. I believe I type more accurately with a good solid action like this keyboard has. Also it just feels good. And has held up a while now. I think I’ll get a second one for my travel kit.

  2. CriticalEye

    Three weeks ago I bought eleven keyboards (all well known, highly rated) and compared them during a two hour shoot-out. Why? Because I didn’t know anything about switch weights, heights, colors, springs, sound, manufacturers, tenkeyless, etc., that apparently affect how a keyboard feels and thus how effective/productive one is AT the keyboard.The RealForce was the most expensive of the bunch but it turns out that to me it’s definitely worth that expense.During due diligence I recall reading posts and watching YouTube videos that mentioned how the RealForce “topre” switches have a feel that is indescribable when compared to other switch types. I needed to see for myself.My fingers can sometimes get “lazy” and mis-hit a key. I discovered that the Topre keys make it easier to type on/with and so I make less mistakes on it. Making less mistakes is just a bonus however. What I like most about the RealForce is the tactile sensation it provides. The best way to put it is to say it’s got a buttery smooth feel — it’s just got that certain something that no other keyboard I tried had.I really wanted some of the other brands to be “the one” based in large part on an irrational bias that came from reading associated 4-star glowing reviews authored by users/programmers who I figured should know more than I.And also I couldn’t believe that keyboards made THAT much of a difference and even if they did they shouldn’t be priced more than $99. Well, I was wrong.Okay.Live and learn.To those on the fence, I strongly encourage you to bring in at least five different types of boards to compare against the RealForce. A/B testing in real time is the only reliable way to know for certain what will work “best” for your needs.

  3. Don McFall

    I’m really a buckling spring fan and normally I would prefer using one of my M13’s but I currently work in an open office environment where my neighboring coworkers would kill me over the racket.55g Topre is my next favorite and I was seriously considering an 87U but I really prefer a full size keyboard. I also seriously considered an 87U paired with a 23UB but thankfully ran across this 55g R2.Build quality is solid. I think it and the weight rival that of my Model M’s. There’s no way that this keyboard will wander around the desk. Typing on it is a pleasure and the dye sublimated PBT keycard will definitely hold up for ages.

  4. Cons

    If you are looking for the best keyboard for typing in a private space, get yourself a buckling spring design keyboard and not this one. Where this keyboard works best is in a public space such as an office or a recording studio where noise from a mechanical switch or buckling spring keyboard is undesirable but a more responsive tactile feel than a plain rubber dome is still desired.

  5. Joanthan

    I am absolutely in love with this keyboard. I listened to people typing with it online and was at first skeptical. YouTube videos cannot articulate the feeling and crisp sound of this keyboard. It has such a nice thocc and quality feel that I become excited to use it just by seeing it. I also appreciate the retro and minimalistic design. It reminds me of the old-school mechanical keyboards from the 80s and 90s, one of which I used to own. The keyboard itself is also an absolute brick. It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, coder, or gamer; this thing is quality and feels like it is built to last. I am very happy I bought this keyboard even though it was pretty expensive. It’s the perfect in-between mushy and mechanical switches. It has the best of both worlds without compromising too much. If you have the money and are looking for a new keyboard, this is it.

  6. Veggie Delight

    I think anyone purchasing this knows exactly what they are looking for.They may feel the same way as well. I prefer the variable. As a long haul touch typist. It is easier on the fingers. It has reduced “thock” to begin with. So I would not want silent. APC can be a real pain to a serious typist. It is however great for gamers. So the better board for serious typists comes in at a lower price. More here but can be had quickly. My personal preference is Ivory. Even though I need not see the legends.So assuming anyone knows what this is. Done with all the “MX” toys. They are in the right place.

  7. Nigel

    UPDATE:After returning a couple of pieces finally got a piece that sits flat. And oh my, now it is pure perfection. Also, if you are used to thin, low profile keys like on magic keyboards then it might take a while to adjust to somewhat higher keys on this, but well worth it IMO.RANT:This keyboard shows what pathetic hardware quality has become these days (except Apple) with manufacturers trying to cheapen the product. Full marks to Fujitsu for bringing back a strong peripheral.ORIGINAL:This keyboard is literally awesome. My fingers totally love it and never wonna leave it. The build quality is jaw dropping. Reminds you of the quality of computation equipment like 30 years ago if you know what I mean.BUTFor whatever reason it does not sit flat! There is a slight wobble as the top left corner sits a couple millimeters higher. I tested this on various flat surfaces where other keyboards work fine. I have no idea how the good folks who created such quality left this nigalling problem.Now I’ve tried the full size and the half size keyboard, same issue. 😕 will be returned. But I so like this keyboard that I’ll try another piece. Just in case I get lucky.

  8. Crawshayi

    The Realforce brand set the standard for Topre (as it should have, seeing it’s their in house brand) and it’s fair to say the expectations for the second product lineup was pretty high. The new R2 lineup delivers on that expectation in my opinion with more options for consumers than ever before. I have tried many Topre boards in the last couple of years, and ended up liking the Realforce 87u 55G best of all, and has taken it’s place as my main keyboard. So why did I buy this one? As a gift for someone who prefers a full size layout – for those that are unaware, the 55G Topre switches were, until now, only available in a TKL version. So how does this one compare to the 87u? If you’re like me and prefer a more retro look, the older Realforce boards may be more appealing to you… but make no mistake, these new ones are of the same high build quality standards set by their predecessors. The new sleek chassis and modern design looks great, and pictures don’t do it justice. Around back, they added more rubber feet and fixed the cable routing channels from being too tight like the first generation. But who cares about looks, anyone who’s serious about Topre is mainly concerned with the experience, and the 55G switch on this board is once again an amazing experience, feeling as good, if not slightly more refined, than my 87u. This review is mainly aimed at people that are already familiar with Realforce boards and Topre in general, and I won’t be going in depth on Topre switches, as I feel that would get too long winded and there is already a lot out there on that topic.With Fujitsu taking over as distributor for the US, I can only hope that availability of these amazing keyboards will get better.

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