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– Keyboard Standard: 82 keys
– Anti-ghosting: Multi Keys
– Keyboard backlit: RGB
– Programmable: Yes
– Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless
– Battery: 3000 mAh
– Plate: Steel
– Package Size: 20 x 40 x 5 cm, 1.600 kg


  1. B2thebuzz

    Solid barebones. Along with the polycarbonate switch plate, this is the thocky-est keyboard I’ve ever made

  2. Anthony

    I was really hesitant to buy this because of the price but to be honest after a month of using it, I can’t believe I settled for anything else in the past. The wrist rest on this is also S+ tier

  3. Vin R.

    It is kind of pricey but I would recommend it. The feel is way different from all those plastics brands where you can hear the Clack but on is nice silent Thock!

  4. kyle schraw

    The gmmk is amazing for its high quality aluminum base with a tactile knob. If you were on a budget thus wouldn’t be the best decision for your base but if you had a more higher budget this is a awesome decision for your custom keyboard. Here are some pros to this keyboardPros: high quality aluminum base Volume knob Hot swappable pcb with rgb 5 pin so compatible with all switches Good stability is the board no bend or curve Very good and bright rbg A very easy and well made boardNow here are the consCons: very expensiveNow for overall nature of this board it has everything you need but it might be too expensive for a average person to buy.

  5. WhyWorry

    The best part of this keyboard. This base board weighs nearly 5 pounds and is made of solid aluminum. Convinced me to replace my razor huntsmen from the quality of this base alone.

  6. Lauren

    This is the first keyboard I have ever built and it was honestly so simple yet so worth the money. Yes, it may feel a bit pricy for a first time builder but I see myself using this for years to come. It has a good weight to it, amazing LEDs, and very easily customizable. The software is okay, but overall a solid build.

  7. NaKhiya

    This is my first time building my own custom keyboard and what I can say about the Glorious experience is that it is great. The keyboard itself is very sturdy and durable. Made out of Aluminum and comes in a variety of colors. I love the customization ability and how easy the company makes it to build your own keyboard. Definetly a must buy.

  8. Vanessa M

    i dont like the price on this and i would recommend modding it but otherwise its great.

  9. Angel Bishop

    This is by far the best option for custom keyboards!

  10. hi

    ok ok so sometimes when I’m using it the side lights start to blink and I thought mine was just broken until I realized it just does that because the caps lock is on…Im an idiot. I love this thing the stock stabs are ok not the best so i suggest you mod them. But other than that its great

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