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– Operation Style: Mechanical
– Interface Type: USB
– Keyboard Standard: Keyboard Switches
– Drive Interface: USB 3.0, USB Type C
– Keyboard Backlit: RGB
– Features: Anti-Ghosting, Win-Lock, Multimedia Keys, Internet Keys, Right-Handed, Ultra Thin
– Switch Type: Linear
– Knock Life: 80 million times
– Single Package Size: 2 x 2 x 3 cm
– Single Gross Weight: 0.003 kg


  1. Sash

    These are great switches. Unlubed they’re excellent, lubed they’re even better. Especially at the price, I really doubt there’s a better value switch than Akko.

  2. Sidney Rutledge

    I’ve struggled to find modern tactile switches that I both enjoy using and actually consider tactile. These are finally an exception to that.The Jelly Purple switches have a pleasant round, pronounced tactile bump and a rather loud and full bottom-out sound. The keyboard I’m using them in right now is quite cheap and doesn’t sound great, but I’m sure they will really shine in a nicer board.For the price, they’re hard to beat, and I haven’t found a better modern tactile switch.

  3. Jacob Carter

    I love the sound of liner switches but the feel of tactile ones! this is the perfect switch for me

  4. Alek Taylor

    These are excellent switches, they definitely have a solid clack with a hard bottom out, but after lubing them and oiling the springs they sound and feel fantastic.

  5. Elijah

    Amazing feel and sound quality for the price!

  6. Nathan L.

    So good I bought two!I have dozens of custom keyboards for reference. I’ve tried them all( alpacas, tangerines, inks, box inks, kang whites, etc)And yet I daily drive these. Why? Cause I don’t have to spend 5 hours lubing them, and they’re cheap and amazing. No stem wobble, no ping, super smooth, super cheap. Thank you Akko.

  7. Larry Richards

    These switches feel amazing, put them into my Keychron V1 with some double-shot PBTs and this is one of the best feeling keyboards for under $200. It is very nice, and time-saving, that they come pre-lubed and highly suggest that option to anyone considering the Akko’s.

  8. Brandon

    I love the feeling of these. Very light force needed, without any accidental presses. Smooth feeling, nice sound, packaged well, and they all fit well. Overall very satisfied with these. I was only planning to replace the main keys but bought more after trying.These replaced the VS II switches on the v84 keyboard. Compared to those, they have a little more tap sound, but a lot easier/smoother to press.

  9. Ozone the lost

    Now, I’m gonna be real, I don’t know much about mechanical keyboards or anything, I bought these (the lavender purple switches) for use in making 3D printed fidget toys. So I can’t speak to how they perform in terms of like working in a keyboard. I can, however, tell you that they sound and feels great, which it what I was looking for, a satisfying thunk sound and just the right amount of resistance. So I’d say they’re pretty great.

  10. john

    Feels great, sounds great.No stem wobble and the factory lube job is insane.

  11. la

    These switches injected new life into my keyboard!Sound:These switches have a sound signature that I would describe as “marbly” when combined with a set of doubleshot PBT cherry profile keycaps.Weight:They had the right balance between lightness and heaviness, and my fingers have not felt fatigued after extended typing sessions.Smoothness:Out of the box they were very smooth and required no extra lubrication.Packaging:They come packaged in a thin box with each switch given their own space in a tray. They’re each were held very securely, but that makes it a little hard to remove the switches from their slots. Every switch was in good condition and there were no bent pins.I will order these again whenever I’m looking for another set of linear switches.

  12. Lindsay Sawmiller

    These are great out of the box. Will use in more custom keyboards in the future the cream blues are just so poppy and thocky at the same time that they are amazing for this price

  13. StellaR

    These might be one of the greatest switches i’ve ever purchased. Akko never fails to amaze me with their price to performance ratio. I bought the Piano V3’s and they sound great and come with zero spring ping, even when they’re stock. Highly recommend!!

  14. TmY

    the piano switches are so amazing. don’t even have to lube them. they’re so smooth. they sound so creamy but i paired mine with jelly pom keycaps which give it a creamy pop sound. these are EXACTLY like the banana splits but so much more affordable and but sound and feel better. since banana splits have to be lubed, it’s not really worth it – the piano switches stock sound is what the banana splits sound like after lubing all of them – but the piano switches deliver a creamier and popier sound and smoother typing experiience. these are definitely the way to go if you’re wanting banana splits.

  15. Mr. Grey

    Compared to the Glorious panda’s and baby kangaroo’s (I can’t believe i just used that in a sentence) these V3 Cream Blue Pro’s ARE AMAZING! Simply the best feeling tactile I have experienced. Just perfect. I’m using some thick glorious O-rings as well which as really added to the sound and feel of the switches. Just amazing, especially for the price!!

  16. Luis N.

    These are very good looking and easy to install into keyboards and for fidget toys.

  17. Rachel

    These hot switches are exactly what I was looking for! The install is super easy as well! They sound a little clicky but creamy at the same time. I am very happy with these! I had to buy two packs for a 95% keyboard

  18. iggyko

    the 1mm actuation point for this switch makes it really great for gaming

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