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– Operation Style: Mechanical
– Type: Wired & Wireless
– Keyboard Standard: 68 Keys
– Keyboard Backlight: LED RGB
– Features: anti-ghosting, win-lock, Plug and Play, Multimedia Keys, Touchpad, Right-Handed
– Programmable: Yes
– Product Dimensions: 33 x 14 x 5 cm; 1.0 kg



  1. Jess

    Exactly as described. Key strokes are loud (as to be expected) like a type writer. I like not use in office with other people because of the noise .

  2. David Mohr

    Great keyboard for the price point.Great value for the money. I really like the old school typewriter feel for the keyboard. I purchased this one to replace my old, really loud mechanical board since I have having to share office space with my wife for a few months.Smooth key strokes, and just enough clickety clack.

  3. Joe

    Feels great for a mechanical keyboard in this price range. It’s really loud, but you know what youre signing up for with a mechanical keyboard under $50. Nothing revolutionary with these rgb effects, but the default settings are dope (and you can customize a little). If you like the typewriter look, these are a good bet. The metallic looking rings around keys are plastic, not metal, but that’s to be expected.

  4. Jeffrey Blair

    this ( for me) has been the nicest best looking keyboard i have ever owned . and i toasted a bunch of them .its well built and the colors and patterns are great , will buy again !

  5. Shy Cooper Schettini

    I love this keyboard and everything about it; I purchased it to use it at work. There are commands that you can use to change the way the lights move when you type. When pressed, the sounds of the keys are so satisfying to me and most of the others around. I am going to purchase another for my personal use.

  6. Charlita Perez

    The sound and feel of the keyboard is really nice. It types with ease and no difficulty. The sound is very nice. I love it. I wish I knew how to lower the lights of it though. It is definitely very bright. Was delivered fast.

  7. J. Toye

    I purchased it for the noise. I work from home in Customer Service Land. Love, Love, Love it!!!

  8. Sammi

    This keyboard works great, and the keys sound great. The different light features are great. I will say that if your not used to the keys being this high, that it is a little bit of a workout, but i think it will be something i will get used too.

  9. Mecca C. Leach

    Gonna buy another… Very Kool

  10. Chris Hetano

    I wish it would come in wireless and could select the backlight color but other than that, I love it !

  11. BellaV

    Absolutely LOVE this keyboard! If you’re looking at this because you want that classic, crisp sound of clacking, then this is definitely for you. Love the sound and love the lights. The videos from others are helpful and accurate. 10/10

  12. Bower Family

    Definitely feels like a typewriter and if you’re looking for a quiet keyboard, this one is not for you. But luckily for me, this is exactly what I was wanting! And it lights up!

  13. Kim Francoeur

    I am obsessed with this keyboard! It can be a little hand crampy because of the key spacing but the sound it makes and the bouncy keys sounds and feels like an old typewriter! The LED backlights are pretty cool as well! LOVE IT!!!

  14. Tammi

    I bought it to use for work and I love it. Great quality for the price. Serves its purpose well. Love the colors and the clickety clack sounds

  15. Ke’zariah Robinson

    I love this keyboard so much. The color changing lights are adorable. The noise, depending on how hard you hit the keys, isn’t too loud or annoying. It genuinely satisfies me. It feels good under my fingertips and I can’t wait to order another!

  16. Ashley

     I had been eyeing this keyboard for awhile and so happy I got it . The noise is amazing and it’s so smooth . So cute too

  17. Christina Wilson

    The keyboard is great if you love loud. I use the keyboard for work and it’s loud but it doesn’t bother anyone in a loud office setting. The colors are nice and bright and I am able to change them which is amazing.

  18. Nikol Turner

    I love this keyboard and love the typewriter sound it makes while typing. Great keyboard for the money.

  19. Dayana G

    Bought it for my little sister as a present and she can’t get enough, she loves it and so do my young cousins. No issues works amazing and is so fun to type on. I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a keyboard for a kid in your life or if you like tactile clicky keyboards 1000000/10

  20. Gods Grace

    I love this keyboard- I use it at work because that is where I am most of the time of course. I have received MANY compliments to the point I kept my old keyboard and lock this one up at night. The keys do make a “typing” noise which I like but that may not be for everyone. Great job!

  21. Ryan Barker

    I love this product. Turned out to be a Macgegee Keyboard which is ranked one if the best budget boards! The click is beautiful, the RGB is awesome and the quality is great!

  22. JJ Sammy

    Happy with this keyboard

  23. Ebony

    If you like the calming tapping of keys, it’s perfect!The keyboard literally makes me want to write everything! Beautiful bright colors and easy typing. Would recommend.

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